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ROM Fitness Machine

The BEST way of getting a full body workout into your busy schedule is now available in the Palm Springs Area.

If you have very little time, the ROM machine may be the fitness workout machine for you. The ROM offers a better workout in 4 minutes than 45 minutes on conventional exercise equipment. This machine provides a well-rounded exercise program; stretching, strength training, muscle toning, and aerobic training.

Despite claims that aerobic workouts require at least 20-45 minutes, this machine can achieve the same in a few minutes. The ROM's designer state the machine takes you through a far wider range of motion (ROM) than other machines can offer. As a result far more muscle is exercised, and exercise duration can be decreased.

"Personal training programs normally fail due to lack of time. Getting ready, traveling to and from the gym, yoga or Pilates class on top of everything else in our busy schedule can be overwhelming. Only to leave us thinking that we didn't get that overall, full-body workout we were looking to achieve."
-Chris Vargo
ROM Professional